Bridal Show at The Vue!

Hope you all are hanging in there this winter! Spring is almost upon us! I can see the light! :-) 

Since my last bridal show, it's been a whirlwind of a month. I suffered a bout (as many others did) with the infamous flu earlier this month and had a few unforeseen circumstances pop up.  I guess such is life! 

March is only two days away, but I wanted to share with you my latest bridal show experience at The Vue (95 Liberty Street) this past Sunday! 

If you're not familiar with The Vue, it's a beautiful and eclectic event space in Downtown Columbus. Perfect for an event or wedding venue! WedLocal, hosted their very first wedding expo at the venue. 


What made this show a bit different from the one I did in January was it was much smaller, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. This allowed me to interact more with brides. I also had the opportunity to chat with the other wedding professionals and get to know more about their business. I really enjoyed having more intimate conversations with the brides and neighboring vendors without feeling rushed. This is very important because being in front of the camera is already an intimidating experience and making potential clients feel comfortable about working with me is always my GOAL!  

Until next time...